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Closing deals for Clients and Partners is our top priority!

Our Experience

When choosing a partner to finance your clients transactions, ask about their history and experience.

For 3 decades Valcor has been closing deals across all lending categories and industries assisting small and medium sized businesses alike.

Our Know-How

We know what works, and more importantly, we know what doesn’t work. Don’t waste your clients time with unfulfilled promises from inexperienced brokers. We will determine if a deal qualifies quickly.

No hype or agenda.

Our Results

Valcor provides each client a complete solution-focused approach. This results in more deals closing on time. If we can’t get a loan closed, chances are nobody can (within reasonable rates).

Our approach is based on simple values: Honesty and hard work.

Why Work With Valcor?

Creating long-term relationships with our partners based on our shared entrepreneurial values.

We understand what your Client needs: Honesty, experience and results.

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